How HI Links assisted connections between business and academia

UHI already had a strong research presence in environmental sciences, marine sciences, aquaculture, fisheries and agronomy. The HI Links project was committed to building on these strength as well as expanding research capabilities into other areas of regional relevance such health sciences, sustainable development, ICT and renewable energy (in tandem with the UHI Energy Research Group).

the team encouraged innovation and collaboration between businesses in the Highlands & Islands and academia, giving help and support throughout the process of making an idea into reality. See the case studies page to see some examples of how the team helped businesses across various sectors.


UHI HI links offered an individual, confidential and free service that assessed a business needs and ideas to help them develop and prosper. We will worked to identify the most appropriate solution to address those business needs within the Scottish academic base or beyond.


We could connect your business with the appropriate leading academics, allowing access to world class expertise, know-how, technology or facilities. This included looking to develop a new product or process, accessing new markets, improving efficiency or cutting costs.


UHI HI Links carried out extensive research to match requirements with the academic expert best suited to business need. This could have been from any academic institution across Scotland or further afield. We initiated and facilitated introductions as well as support ongoing interaction throughout the life of many projects.


Support for organisations underpinned everything we did at every stage. From finding the right expertise, to developing a business or ideas, and identifying the most appropriate funding to make progress happen.